Saint parts Co., Ltd. helps to build a recycling-oriented society
for the global environment with an appropriate disposal.
We are distributing a high quality used car parts from Japan
that is the top class quality in the world.
We believe by realizing and sharing the meaning of wonderful
Japanese traditional phrase * Mottainai * in our work,
we will help recycling the efficient material resources and
spread the high quality car service for the car owners to the world.

We purchase any cars

There always is a value for any unnecessary used cars. Unfortunately, it is not free to dispose a car even you took a good care of it. We understand your frustration. Saint Parts Co., Ltd will offer you the best price with added value because of your care.

We will separately pay you the following costs other than the purchase price for the cars still have remained period of the car inspection, such as the weight tax, the car tax, and the refund money of mandatory vehicle liability insurance.

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BTO - We offer the parts you are looking for

Have you ever had any problem looking for the car parts because you broke the drinking holder or the car cigar lighter? You would like to fix them but don't want to spend a lot of money, and there is no used car parts in the market.

Any small car parts once you have placed the order to us, we will purchase the car which has the parts you are looking for and we will dismantle it for your needs.

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